Reusable water bottle

For World Water Day, GEBE distributed Reusable and Biodegradable Water Bottles to promote drinking tap water and reducing the use of plastic water bottles.

GEBE water has advantages since it is delivered straight to your home, it costs up to 300 times less than bottled water, and does not pollute the environment with thousands of plastics bottles ending up being littered or in the landfill. Empty plastic bottles that are in the end not recycled can stay in the environment up to 450 years.

In a blind water taste test, 60% of customers indicated that they already drink GEBE water at home, 17% of which drink GEBE with a filter. In these difficult economic times, families are looking for new ways to save money. Using tap water more effectively could save upwards of Naf. 500 per year.

Making quality drinking water available to everyone in the community remains a priority for NV GEBE. No matter which water you decide to drink, whether cistern water, filtered water, tap water or bottled water, drinking water remains important for your health. So drink up.