High Quality Water

Please summarize the relationship with the GEBE Lab and the Seven Seas.

"On St. Maarten we rely on Seven Seas who produces our drinking water needs. Seven Seas desalinates the seawater at the Cay Bay, Point Blanche and the Lowlands through reverse osmosis water plants to meet the daily demands of water consumption.

The water quality control team takes samples at all stages of the water desalination process and distribution network to check whether the drinking water that GEBE distributes meets the standards set by Lands verordening. The water quality control lab is responsible for the post treatment of the water received from the Seven Seas plant to prepare it for distribution."

How many steps are in the Post Treatment and who is responsible for maintaining the supply of the chemicals?

The samplers are responsible for maintaining the supply of the Post Treatment chemicals. The post treatment system consist of 3 steps.

  1. The water goes over a bed of Limestone that adds calcium and bicarbonate.
  2. Sodium Silicate is added as a corrosion inhibitor to protect the pipes in the distribution system.
  3. Sodium Hypo chloride is added to protect the water once it enters the grid. A low level of chlorine is added to kill any bacteria the water encounters throughout the distribution system.

The water quality control team goes through a consistent process of testing. With the samplers collecting samples from all stages of the water production and distribution process, starting from the seawater and ending with the water at the tap.

Who is responsible for testing the water?

  • The water is tested by the analyst daily for micro-biological and chemical testing. Once the water enters the grid it is pumped to the primary storage tanks in Cay Bay, Point Blanche and Lowlands to await distribution to your tap. The water in the storage tanks are tested weekly and at the tap of the consumers at 60 locations throughout the island every month to ensure the quality of the water meets the standards set.