Customer FAQ

An eBill is an electronic version of your bill that you receive via your e-mail. The bill will be attached in a PDF format.

No more waiting for a paper bill, and less paper clutter at home! If you choose to pay the bill online, you’ll also never have to wait in line!

E-mail the GEBE Billing Department with:

  • The e-Mail address you would like your bills to go to.
  • Your contract account number(s).
  • The name and address that is on your bill.

Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation e-Mail that you are signed up in our system.

Check your junk mail to see if your mail server is not filtering the eBill to your junk mail. If that is the case, adjust the settings or add the sender to your Safe Senders List.(link to How to Add To Safe Senders List)

Once you sign up for eBilling, you will no longer receive a paper bill. You will receive an email each month with your eBill attached. It is very important that you provide your correct email address during the sign up process in order to receive the eBill.

The eBilling service is available to all residential and business customers who have an active account.

eBilling is a free service provided by NV GEBE.

Yes; you can sign up as many accounts as you like on eBilling.

You can cancel the eBilling service at any time. Inform us that you would like to cancel this service and revert to paper bills. Please let us know the reason so we can continue to improve this service if it is not meeting your needs.

The eBills are sent in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the bills.

Yes; you can save the eBilling PDF attachments to your computer.

GEBE is having difficulties sending and receiving emails from specific US based providers, namely BellSouth, ATT and Comcast. If you have tried signing up for eBilling with these email providers, we may be sending the emails, but you are not receiving them. Although we are addressing the problem with the email providers, you may want to try to sign up with another email address.

Yes; if you have already signed up for an automatic transfer, you can sign up for eBilling and receive your bill via e-mail. Your payments will continue to be automatically debited from your checking or savings account.

Inform us of your new email address and for which contract accounts this would apply to.

No, you can choose any payment option that is convenient for you.

Once you sign up for eBilling, your following bill will be sent out by email. It is possible that your bill for this month has already been printed and is in the process of delivery resulting in you receiving a paper bill. The next month's bill will arrive via e-mail.

The billing of the island is done per area according to when your meter is read. A bill for Philipsburg will go out at a different time than one in Cole Bay. The printed or eBill will be sent out the day after the meter is read which is why if you have multiple accounts, you will receive your eBills at different times according to the meter reading schedule.

GEBE continues to provide printed receipts to clients that pay either cash or check by the cashier window as a proof of payment. GEBE recently launched electronic receipts for clients who have signed up for eBilling that pay their bills either online, with the check drop box or via a standing order. The receipt is then e-mailed to you as well in our efforts to continually improve our service and reduce the amount of paper and printing to save the environment.

If your email provider was down during the sending of your eBill, you may not have received your bill. GEBE receives a list of any bounced emails which will be used to resend the emails. If you have not received your email and believe it is due to a technical problem, incorrect email address or other reason, please just contact our Billing Department to resolve the issue. You can also provide your telephone number so we can contact you if there are any problems on our side.

No. The purpose of eBilling is to reduce paper. To pay your bills at any GEBE offices, you only need your contract account number. With this the cashiers can locate your account in the system for your payment.

GEBE also has Customer Cards, a business-sized card that fits right in your purse or wallet, where you can note the contract account numbers for up to four accounts. That way you always have your contract account number handy for payments, reporting a problem or any other communication with GEBE regarding your account. Customer Cards are available through the cashiers or our Customer Service Department.

The 25 cent postage fee is a government applied fee per bill created, regardless of the manner in which it is sent (post, hand-delivered or email).