Business Resources

What if a fire destroyed your building, including your computers and records? What plans do you have if your business closed down for a couple days?

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Get Started:

  • Develop a staff succession plan
  • Arrange for off-site storage of important records and information, including:
  • Back up computer files regularly
  • Have potential locations from which you can operate on a temporary basis
  • Consider a back-up power source such as a portable generator
  • Review your insurance policies and estimate what it will take to restore your business - supplies, equipment, workspace and people. Verify what is covered and not covered
  • Develop a plan for salvaging equipment or inventory
  • Make a photographic record of your business assets
  • Develop a list of people who have keys, codes and access passwords to bank accounts, high security areas, databases and systems
  • Plan to maintain contact with customers, suppliers and investors
  • Inform employees of your plans, and let them know what will happen and where you will relocate if necessary
  • Review your plan on a regular basis and update it as your business changes
  • Schedule regular drills and training
  • Provide first aid and CPR training for your employees
  • Encourage your employees to develop household emergency plans